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Quotes From Our Viewers


I received the video. I think It's amazing.

Pino Palopoli
Italian Artist

Game Designer/Artist

Marshall was the most influential instructor I've ever had. His classes were clear and illuminating.

Vance Kovacs
Lead Artist, Interplay Productions

College Teacher/Artist

A new character development class started yesterday and I showed your Monster video to them. You got a round of applause at the end. I've never had a video get applause! ! And I must say --well deserved! Thanks for making it. I will use it as a tool in all my drawing classes. I am also putting your "perspective series" into my budget requests for spring. And if I don't get it, I'm buying it myself!

Don Sciore
Instructor Mt.Sac College

Comic Book Artist

Got your video yesterday and watched it last night. Very delightful. An enormous amount of enthusiasm and a great deal of knowledge have gone into it! I wish I had it when I was still teaching college art--I know many a prospective artist who could get some benefit from it. A lot of pros too, for that matter.

Don Simpson
Fiasco Comics Inc.

3D Artist

I began taking classes with Marshall Vandruff in the early 90's and began to learn things other teachers hadn't been able to convey to me during semesters of college art courses. Marshall's teachings have helped mold the way I work immensely. The amount of information that he has packed into his video is a great quantity of quality information. Having watched Marshall's video "How To Draw Monsters", I see the great benefit his teaching will grant any artist who wishes to further nurture creativity.

Artfully, Kelly Wine
Interplay Productions


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